LEAK SEALER LO -CHLOR to fix a leak in pools. Very easy and economical to use.

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LEAK SEALER LO -CHLOR to fix a leak in pools.
Very easy and economical to use.
Can prevent unwanted spend on unnecessary works.
Concentrated formula.
Leak Sealer is specifically designed to seal minor leaks in swimming pools.
If you have a leak, then this product should be your first optio
prior to spending excessive amounts on leak detection and possible major structural work.
Leak Sealer is designed to be used with a water loss rate not exceeding 1 inch per day
in a 60,000 litre pool.
For leaks in spas or hot tubs please go to our dedicated Spa Leak Sealer.

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Please note: Leak Sealer should not be used when the swimming pool water temperature is below 6 degrees Celsius (°C).

Turn pool pump off. Remove any automatic pool cleaner from the pool.
Set the filter on BY-PASS or RECIRCULATE setting. If neither of these settings are available, then remove the filter grids or cartridges from the filter prior to commencing treatment.
Note: Fine fountain jets may block when Leak Sealer is applied. If these jets cannot be removed prior to use, then do not use this product.
Leak Sealer should be added to the pool at the rate of 1 litre per 60,000 litres pool water. There are two methods of application for Leak Sealer depending on the location of the leak.
(A) LEAK IN POOL SURFACE: If possible locate the area of the leak and add the product to this area. Otherwise distribute the product evenly around the pool.
(B) LEAK IN PIPEWORK: Add the correct dose of Leak Sealer directly into the skimmer. Set up a pool vacuum hose (with vacuum head attached) at the deepest point of the pool (This method ensures maximum circulation through the pipe-work). Check that the vac hose is free of air before application.
If uncertain of the location of the leak use the above method (B).
Wait 30 minutes and then turn the pump on. Leave the pump running for a minimum of 8 hours.
Mark the water level and check in 24 hours.
Leave the pool until all residue settles (within 6 hours) and vacuum any residue to waste.
A second application may be required in larger pools or if the loss of water has been reduced.


Litre of Leak Sealer treats 13,500 gallons / 60,000 litres.




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