Multi-Tablets 200gr triple action 10kg


Multi-Tablets 200gr triple action 10kg package with Trichloride Chlorine 90% algaecide and flocculant all in a 200gr tablet.

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Multi-Tablets 200gr triple action with Trichloride Chlorine 90% slow dissolution.
It contains chlorine, algaecide and flocculant all in a 200gr tablet.
Multi-tablets are used to maintain the pool water.
They disinfect the water with chlorine, prevent the appearance of algae with the algaecide
and keep the water crystal clear with the flocculant.
Thanks to their stabilizer, they release only the required amount of chemicals
depending on water needs.
Multi-tablets do not contain calcium and do not cause salt deposits
and so they do not block the filter and do not change the pH of the water.
It prevents weeds from growing and keeps the water clean.
Due to their size they are suitable for use in the skimmer, in the overflow channel
or in special chlorinators.


1 tablet 200gr / 30 m³
(must be constantly present)


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