pH- Reducer (powder) 15kg.


pH- Reducer (powder) 15kg. Decreases the pH level and alkalinity level in the pool or spa.

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pH- Reducer (powder).Decreases the pH level and alkalinity level in the pool or spa.
Recommended daily use before chlorination.
Proper adjustment of pH to low allowable limits reduces the required amount of chlorine.


Pool (Regular Dose): To reduce pH by 0.1 units require 10-15 gr per 1 m3
water depending on the water hardness.
Calculate how much pH & Alkalinity Reducer (Dry Acid) is needed.
Add in small quantities the 70% to a clean plastic jug filled with warm water (the warm water will assist dissolution).
Attention: Always add chemicals to water, NEVER add water to chemicals.
Mix the product until it has completely dissolved.
Carefully pour the solution round the pool (do not pour it in one spot).
Allow at least 15 minutes before retesting the pH.
If necessary add the rest 30%.


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